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Working papers

Witchcraft Beliefs and Subjective Well-Being

Research in progress

Species Diversity and the Adoption of Agriculture
(with Katsuki Morihara)

Local Diversity and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
(with Ameesh Upadhyay)

Ethnicity, Religion, and Conflict: Evidence from African Regions
(with Diego Rivera)

Journal publications

Structural Change, Elite Capitalism, and the Emergence of Labor Emancipation
(with Quamrul Ashraf, Francesco Cinnirella, Oded Galor, and Erik Hornung)
Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

Headhunting and Warfare in Austronesia: A Phylogenetic Comparative Analysis (with Tinatin Mumladze)
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, April 2024, 220, pp. 768–791.

Witchcraft Beliefs Around the World: An Exploratory Analysis
PLoS ONE, November 2022, 17(11), e0276872.

Witchcraft Beliefs as a Cultural Legacy of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Evidence from Two Continents
European Economic Review, February 2020, 122, 103362.

Measuring Regional Ethnolinguistic Diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Surveys vs. GIS (with Diego Rivera)
World Bank Economic Review, February 2020, 34(S1), pp. S40–S45.

Subnational Diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights from a New Dataset (with Diego Rivera)
Journal of Development Economics, July 2018, 133, pp. 231–263.
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Banks, Market Organization, and Macroeconomic Performance: An Agent-Based Computational Analysis
(with Quamrul Ashraf and Peter Howitt)
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, March 2017, 135, pp. 143–180.

Witchcraft Beliefs and the Erosion of Social Capital: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa and Beyond
Journal of Development Economics, May 2016, 120, pp. 182–208.

How Inflation Affects Macroeconomic Performance: An Agent-Based Computational Investigation
(with Quamrul Ashraf and Peter Howitt)
Macroeconomic Dynamics, March 2016, 20(2), pp. 558–581.
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The Economic Origins of the Evil Eye Belief
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, February 2015, 110, pp. 119–144.

The Two Sides of Envy
Journal of Economic Growth, December 2014, 19(4), pp. 407–438.

Envy in the Process of Development: Implications for Social Relations and Conflict
Economics of Peace and Security Journal, October 2013, 8(2), pp. 13–19.

Macroeconomics in a Self-Organizing Economy (with Quamrul Ashraf and Peter Howitt)
Revue de l'OFCE / Debates and policies, October 2012, 124, pp. 43–65.
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Book chapters

Witchcraft Beliefs, Social Relations, and Development
In Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics. Edited by Klaus F. Zimmermann.
Cham: Springer, 2022.

Long-Run Development and the New Cultural Economics
In Demographic Change and Long-Run Development. Edited by Matteo Cervelatti and Uwe Sunde.
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2017, Chapter 9, pp. 221–261.

Book reviews

Witch Hunts: Culture, Patriarchy, and Structural Transformation (by Govind Kelkar and Dev Nathan)
Journal of Development Studies, 2023, 59 (8), pp. 1313–1314..